About Us

One Staffing is a full-service, temporary and permanent placement employment service which provides on-site and managed services. Star One Staffing has a phenomenal infrastructure which consists of a very powerful foundation, philosophy, environment and unique culture. In addition, Star One Staffing has some of the best systems and capabilities in the Staffing Industry.

We know you depend on your office staff to help you meet your deadlines and complete your projects on time.  Lets us provide you with the best contractors for the job—every time.

What makes Star One Staffing the right business choice?

“Fastest in South Florida – as little as 15 minute response time for any need. ” Our database of contractors is updated daily.  Star One Staffing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


All our clients and applicants are assigned a personal Custom Staffing Representative.  This representative is at the center of our partnership with you and will become a specialist in your staffing needs.


The challenges of managing diversity in the workplace, is a high priority to STAR ONE STAFFING. We have a diverse pool of available contractors available through our creative recruiting.


When we place a Star One Staffing contractor with you, we’ll check with you often to confirm that our contractor is working to your standards and to see if we can continue to serve you in any other way.


  • Lower benefits costs
  • Fewer risks: lower costs if contractor does not work out
  • Fewer recruiting / screening costs
  • Applicants are covered by company paid Workers Compensation and are protected by company paid Professional Liability


Star One Staffing is ready to serve your company when you are in need, no matter if it’s just for one day or one week!  Star One Staffing is on standby for your staffing needs 7 days a week.   You can receive a 10% credit if you later choose to hire the contractor directly.

  • Temporary contractors with on-the job training before they arrive on the job
  • Temporary contractors who are perfectly matched to their job assignments and have the exact software skills you need
  • Temporary contractors who are backed with a satisfaction guarantee